Butcher Creek 1

Telluride, Colorado

This was our first project in Telluride in 1999.  We were very ambitious we did the foundation, the framing, window install, siding, wood floor, all the trim work and doors, and build all the cabinetry onsite.

Butcher Creek 2

Telluride, Colorado // Dan and Ann Austin

The owner of one of the neighboring lots liked our work so much they hired us to build their custom home. The finish project ended up in Volume 8 of the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review

American National Bank

Telluride, Colorado

Commercial renovation transforming the Post Office into a bank with fine details.

Telluride Lodge

Telluride, Colorado

We have renovated over 25 condos in Telluride.

8071 Preserve

Telluride, Colorado

We have worked with many designers throughout the years. After working with Gina Ferrigno on this project we have teamed up with her on other projects with great results. 

RNR Sports Bar

Telluride, Colorado

Another commercial project where we completely changed the atmosphere of the space.

Townsend House

Telluride, Colorado

This is another one of our projects where we built all the cabinetry.  Combining steel and barn wood work is one of our specialties.  We designed all this onsite with the owner and created a finished project that was above and beyond expectations. 

East Columbia

Telluride, Colorado // Jack and Emily Wesson

This is one of our challenging historic jobs working on a tight lot.  We had to move the existing house built in the 1860s off site and move it back onto the new foundation.

Gould Crib

Telluride, Colorado

This is the Project we won the historical preservation award for in 2013.  We re-purposed everything that we removed from the original building.  The chimney brick became the backsplash in the kitchen and entry floor.  The roofing became the skirting around the bottom.  The wood removed from the inside we built all the cabinets out of.  We used the skip sheathing on the roof to mill up the wood flooring.  We matched the interior trim to the only original piece that was left.  We re-used the original door and re-built it to be taller.  Almost all the finished products were created from material recycled from the original structure.